Unpaginated Cover Letter

To Prof. Dr. Joseph CANNATACI, Special Rapporteur to the UN on the Right to Privacy,


Prof. Dr. David KAYE, UN Special Rapporteur on the Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression.


Dear Drs. Cannataci and Kaye.


I have been very inspired and stimulated by your work, and especially by your recent interactions with Prime Minister Abe of Japan and various
members of his cabinet.

This has prompted me to send you (on the pages following this cover letter) a copy of a report that I have just prepared, entitled “The Corruption
of Power in Japan”.
I believe that you will find this of interest in providing important background information for your work on Japan, and background material for your dealings with Mr. Abe, members of his cabinet, and other possible Japanese spokespersons.

I   wish also to submit it via you as an official complaint/petition to a UN Commission on Human Rights. If this is inapproriate, I  would be most
grateful for your guidance on how to go about submitting it, as well as the appropriate branch(es) of the UN Sytem to which it should be submitted.

I would also be grateful if you would acknowldge receipt of this report, as well as any comments that you may wish to make about it.


Yours sincerely,

Reiko Kameo,

(a victim of Human Rights violation).





The Corruption of Power in Japan

Re-written on June 06, 2017

Authored by: Reiko Kameo


Address: 7-15-211 Asahigaoka-ch, 

Ashiya-shi, Hyogo-ken, Japan 659-0012


Tel: (+81) 09211850




First I wish to state my great appreciation to Drs. Cannataci and Kaye for warning Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his
Cabinet about the invasion of privacy and undermining of mass media freedom inherent in the new “Anti-Conspiracy Bill,” which
he is urgently trying to force through the Diet in less than 10 days from now.


The reason that I am sending this petition for the urgent cooperation of the United Nations System is that this action is not just
a mere possibility, but in fact has been already on-going as a collusion between many forces for many years, and which has resulted in
the loss of huge assets and many lives.


I can prove the veracity of these statements because I have been a victim of civil rights abuse for two decades as a result of
the collaboration among the Japanese Diet, the police, the courts, and the Prosecutor’s offices. Further, the mass media
collaborated in hiding everything, although they are receiving full information. This is because it is a taboo in Japan to investigate
or even for citizens to speak about economic and political (organized crime) activities. As a consequence this means that Japanese
democracy and constitutional government is completely dysfunctional. As a result I am in great difficulties economically and with
such huge resultant debts that it is almost impossible to continue living.


Mine is not the only case.  It has been  occurring throughout Japan for many decades because Komeitou, together with Jimintou,
has formed the government for the last 18 years and has been working from behind the scenes since it was established to control
secretly all the political and economic power, including the mass media. Komeitou was formed specifically for that purpose. Soukagakkai,
a so-called Buddhist religious group whose real activity is manipulation of the economy and politics, forms an indivisible organization
together with Komeitou. The general membership is not aware of this, but merely follows orders of the top leaders. I can determine
this fact because the top leader of Soukagakkai-Komeitou was the late Tetsuzo Fuyushiba, Secretary-General of Komeitou, who was
for many decades both my company’s and our family lawyer.  


Being a victim of organized crime I have been trying to uncover and prove the illegal activities, which in the worst cases involve
major banks and leading companies. An example is the Toshiba Corporation case which started in 1991 and was planned by Tetsuzo
Fuyushiba. He also forced Toshiba to collaborate with Rockwell International in the case against my company. This organized crime
alone created a huge loss for us. More, it severely damaged or destroyed major banks and large corporations, like the Toshiba Corporation. These activities weakened politics and severely damaged the Japanese economy. This is the reason for the massive problems now
being faced by Toshiba, rather, than as mistakenly thought, being errors committed by the corporation’s leadership.


The paper which follows was written in January 2016, to request the cooperation of world leaders and the mass media. Then, in May
2016, I attached the English part, just before the G7 summit held in Mie Prefecture, Japan, and sent it to all the G7 leaders, apart from Japanese Prime Minister Abe. All these papers (to Toshiba Corporation, the Japanese Tenno [Emperor], and former President Obama,
and others), plus all the petitions sent since the 2013 establishment of the Second Abe (Jiminto-Koumeito) cabinet are available on
the Internet by searching under my name, Reiko Kameo. The paper here that follows below summarizes the English sections of those
January and May 2016 papers.


In conclusion, it must be clearly understood that the new law that Prime Minister Abe, acting on behalf of Koumeito and Sokkagakkai
plus the Sasagawa Group, is trying to rush through the Diet, is seeking to cover up entirely the organized criminal power of the cabinet,
courts, and the prosecutor’s offices. Further, the law to change the Japanese Constitution has essentially the same purpose.


Last year, in January and May I sent a petition to world leaders. In those papers I wrote that I would be sending petitions to the
UN Security Council, because the organize criminal power is really threatening the security of Japan and, in fact, the entire world. 
I also mentioned that I would sue Prime Minister Abe for abuse of power, by trying to open a case at the International Criminal Court.


The purpose of this request is to enable the reader to understand the distortions of power in Japan and the present situation
confronting the people of Japan. As a victim of the misuse of power myself, I explain why Prime Minister Abe is not worthy to
lead this nation, owing to his unconstitutional behavior, which can be summarized as a criminal action. This makes him unfit to
be the leader of Japan, let alone to act like an important leader on the world stage. 


In January 2016 I wrote to the world leaders attending the G7 summit (held in Mie Prefecture, Japan) and attending representatives
of the mass media explaining the situation and requesting their cooperation to take action against Prime Minister Abe. The English
parts of that paper are provided here, and a more detailed explanation is provided in Japanese on the Internet under the name of
Reiko Kameo at


A group (http://masaru-kunimoto.com) that has suffered from the abuse of power by Japanese political leaders functioning in league
with a corrupted judiciary distributed my papers to major world leaders, the UN system, and to the international mass media. In
addition, the group has made them available on the Internet under the name of Reiko Kameo (


My family and its business is a typical victim of such a barely visible crime. Although I have been requesting that former President
Obama, former Foreign Secretary Clinton, and later Mr. Kerry, and US Ambassadors Roos and Kennedy send a formal investigation
team and also provide me with an opportunity to explain to the US officials, nothing has been done. In fact, I have never even
received a response or acknowledgement.


Since Japanese leaders, the judiciary, and the media, typically hide or cover-up such crimes, I have no alternative but to open
the case worldwide, because I have a very large amount of supporting evidence to corroborate my statements. Further, I wish
to let the world know how U.S. large enterprises use Japanese power to make vast profits and to control Japan.


As soon as I have sent this document to you as a UN Rapporteur, I am going to take action again in Japan, at the Diet and
also at the highest court. I also must insist that the Prime Minister Abe and his cabinet and leaders of the opposition parties
give me the opportunity to explain and substantiate the organized crime of which I have been a victim, i.e. that the Diet members,
highest court and prosecutor’s offices collaborated against me. On May 3, 2017, the 70th anniversary of the implementation of
the Japanese Constitution, Chief Justice Terada commented that any changes to the Japanese Constitution advocated by the
Prime Minster, should reflect faithfully Japanese citizens’ opinions and beliefs. He also emphasized the importance of democracy
and of the rule of law, in a long statement that was hardly reported by the mass media. Since he stated such an important point
about the Constitution I believe that I can trust Chief Justice Terada, so I will request him to reopen the three civil law suits in
which I was sued by the perpetrators of the criminal action. I request that you, as Rapporteur, will follow my actions. 


The Corruption of Power in Japan

List of Contents 

1. Forward p.1-3

2. Summary p. 3-5

3. Preface p.6-8

3. Purpose of my Request  p.  814

4. Concrete Issues  p. 1428    

(iPolitical and Economic Organized Criminal Activities in Japan  p. 1415

(ii Lack of Police Intervention  p. 1516 

(iii Victim targeted by Civil Violence Lawsuits  p. 16 17 

(iv My Documents and Petitions  p. 17

(v Decoration of Major Contributors  p. 18

(vi Purpose of the petition to the Tenno (wrongly translated as Emperor) p. 1820

(vii Taking Cases to the UN System and World Criminal Court p .2022

(viii)   My repeated warnings  p.2224

5. List of articles of Japanese constitution habitually violated by the Diet, courts, Public Prosecutor
 p . 2428




The Tenno (wrongly translated as “Emperor”) based on Article 99 of the Constitution, gives him the supreme authority to uphold
the Constitution
when national political leaders, the judiciary, and public servants are acting unconstitutionally.

The Tenno of Japan is commonly mistakenly referred to as the “Emperor of Japan”.  It is important that the Japanese term “Tenno”
to be correctly translated and understood by the international society.

I petitioned the Tenno three times and, I will also send  a fourth

petition to Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, and the Leader of Koumeito,

Yamaguchi Natsuo, requesting annulment of theSpecific Secret Protection Law, as well as related regulations.  Further, I will
again request that I be given the opportunity to present at the Diet, details about the habitual and most vicious organized crime in
, which have not been revealed (see below for details).


The reason I must testify at the Diet is that the organized crime I have been trying to expose was committed by the then most
powerful Diet members, the late Fuyushiba Tetuzo, formerly Koumeito Secretary-General, and Itoyama Eitaro, a Jiminto Cabinet
member, who planned the crime and who used the Soukagakki (
a quasi-religious organization and an advocacy group of
a political party founded by members of the Nichiren Buddhist-based new religious movement called Soukagakkai) and
the Sasagawa group (the so-called Sasagawa Peace Foundation, and Itoyama Eitaro is the “step nephew” of the convicted war
criminal Ryoichi Sasagawa, who was freed by the USA. Itoyama Eitaro is married to Ryoichi Sasagawa’s brother [Ryohei]  daughter ).
Judges and Public Prosecutors cooperated in making their most vicious crime almost perfect.


Further, Diet members have been collaborating in the concealment of the organized crime of Soukagakkai, the Sasagawa Group,
and Koumeito for many years. Having myself been a victim of their organized crime, for 20 years I have been trying to expose
and eliminate Koumeito.


All Japanese people must know about the abnormal power structure of Japan. The organized crime by which our three companies
(Sangyo Shuppan, Sangyo Shimbun and Fujikosan) were targeted, was planned and led by an integrated conspiracy of Soukagakkai,
the Sasagawa group and Komeito, which has long had  the biggest influence on Japanese politics and the economy.


For Japanese politicians, judges, prosecutors, and the mass media, uncovering the highly illegal activities of Soukagakkai and
Koumeito, that make use of violent gangsters, is an exceedingly dangerous undertaking.  Therefore, Diet members join together
to conceal
the involvement of the highest court and the highest public prosecutors’ office in the Soukagakkai, Sasagawa
group, and Komeito’s nationwide organized criminal activities.
Which I have been trying to prove at the Diet for more
than 10 years.


In Japan, many people are aware of the horror of Soukagakkai, because of the violent gangster power that exists behind it.
(However, the gangsters are actually being used by Soukagakkai, Komeito and the Sasegawa Group).


Because it is already open in the Internet, many people clearly understand that Soukagakkai is not only a religious, social
group, but also intervenes heavily in politics, because Soukagakkai formed it’s own political Party, Koumeito. 


No Japanese politician can be free of the pressure of the power of Koumeito, as the role of this unconstitutional party is to
perform as the puppet government of the U.S.A  in Japan.


2. Purpose of my Request


This “Request For Cooperation” is from a Japanese citizen and addressed to the United Nations System.


This is a translation of the Japanese abstract that I wrote to all  the Japanese people, politicians, mass media, and experts,
and also to foreign governments and mass media concerned by ‘Unhealthy Political Power in Japan’.
 In both English and
Japanese abstracts, I added
as references articles of the Japanese constitution violated by Diet members,
judges, and public prosecutors officers. A
further explanation is added in Japanese. All this that I sent in January
2016  is on the Internet  (
http://masaru-kunimoto.com) under the name Reiko Kameo.


At first, I would like to emphasize the importance of the Preamble to the Japanese Constitution, because it holds the key
to solving the problem of all kinds of conflicts in the world, and can be a guidance to Japan as a nation, and the Japanese
peoples’ contribute to world peace.


By referring to the Preamble of the Japanese Constitution, we Japanese can clearly recognize that a majority of Japanese
Diet members is violating the Constitution.  It is the main reason that the  Rule of Law is collapsing in Japan.


  Constitution Article 99  The Emperor, or his Regent, as well as the Prime Minister, Ministers of State,
members of the Diet, judges, and all other public officials have the obligation to respect and uphold
this Constitution Article 99.


Except the Emperor, nobody is faithfully keeping this obligation in Japan.

Yet, most Japanese people are not aware of the malfeasance of power.  This phenomenon is the biggest tragedy of the
Japanese people
, because, violation of the Constitution and all kinds of illegal acts by those who hold power have been
causing deprivation of legal rights, and enormous economic loss, that have led to the collapse of a  huge number of
Japanese enterprises and put peoples’ assets and lives in danger,


  Political, Economical Organized Crime exists in Japan, which is used as tools, and is deeply related with the Japan-US
Security Treaty
, the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces, and the Japan-U.S. alliance. 

It is the reason I have to request cooperation widely, not only domestically, but  internationally


I start with the Preamble of the Japanese Constitution, because it provides inherently the most effective words for
dealing with the abuse of power.

We reject and revoke all constitutions, laws, ordinances, and rescripts.


 A faithful interpretation  of the Preamble,  leads unmistakably to the conclusion that  violation of the Constitution
by the Abe Cabinet, and a breach of trust, not only for the country and people,  but also for international society.


Constitution Preamble

We the Japanese people, acting through our duly elected representatives

in the National Diet, determined that we shall secure for ourselves and our posterity the fruits of
peaceful cooperation with all nations and the blessings of liberty throughout this land, and resolved
that never again shall we be visited  with the horrors of war through the action of government, do
proclaim that sovereign power resides with the people and do firmly establish this Constitution. 
Government is a sacred trust of the people, the authority for which is derived from the people, the
powers of which are exercised by the representatives of the people, and the benefits of which are
enjoyed by the people. This is a universal principle of mankind upon which this Constitution is founded.


  We reject and revoke all constitutions, laws, ordinances, and rescripts in conflict herewith.


We the Japanese people, desire peace for all time and are deeply conscious of the high ideals controlling
human relationship, and we have determined to preserve our security and existence, trusting in the justice
and faith of the peace-loving peoples of the world.  We desire to occupy an honored place in an international
society striving for the preservation of peace, and the banishment of tyranny and slavery, oppression and
intolerance for all time from the earth.  We recognize that all peoples of the world have the right to live
in peace, free from fear and want.

  We believe that no nation is responsible to itself
alone, but that laws

of political morality are universal; and that obedience to such laws is

incumbent upon all nations who would sustain their own sovereignty and

justify their sovereign relationship with other nations.

  We, the Japanese people pledge our national honor to accomplish these high ideals and purposes with all our


During the time of the Noda Cabinet, I explained already to U.S. former President Obama about Soukagakkai, Koumeito’s
political and economic organized crime, and, requested his cooperation, because Rockwell International, a major U.S. company
was heavily involved in the crime.

I described to former President Obama, that those three groups together are the agents of U.S. for controlling Japanese
politics, economy, and military  affairs


And, I have already explained, that is the reason Japanese public servants and mass media are prohibited
from interfering in Soukagakki and Koumeito’s illegal activities.


 The principal cause of  the corruption of Japanese poweris,  that the Japanese national election is totally controlled
by Sokagakki, which is internationally recognized today as a
violent cult. (This can be confirmed easily on the internet.)


After the main text, I list those articles of the constitution of Japan that are violated by the Diet, the courts, and the Public
Prosecutors’ offices.  Because, I am a rare survivor of the organized crimes of Soukagakkai, Koumeito, and the Sasagawa
group, I can prove unimaginable violation of law by Japanese public servants holding the highest position in power, collaborating
with the anti-social activities  of  Soukagakkai, the Sasagawa-group, and Komeito.


Because I myself have been a victim of the organized crime of Soukagakkai,  Komeito, and also, violation of law by the Diet,
courts, public prosecutors office members, I have been petitioning the Diet in order to prove those violations of power, under
every Cabinet, since the Koizumi  Jimin-Koumei regime.


I have been petitioning Prime Ministers, and. leaders of all parties.  I have been petitioning also the Supreme Public Prosecutors
Office, Special District Public Prosecutors Offices, and the mass media.  Neither cabinet members, nor prosecutors offices
accepted my appeals. Also, the mass media has consistently covered up the Soukagakkai, an d Koumeito’s organized crime.


Through their behavior, I have confirmed that most Japanese mass media are not performing their duty. In particular the NHK,
which is a government entity.


  Certainly, one of the main causes of the corruption of the Japanese Power is that the Japanese mass media is controlled
by the extraordinary power of the perpetrators of this organized  crime, and of the USA that stands behind and actually controls
them, like “Japan Handlers”.

That means, the Japanese people have not received the Right of Constitution Article 21.


Twenty Years ago, as soon as I found three of our companies and our family were targeted by Sokagakkai, Sasagawa group, and
Komeito’s violent organized crime,  I started to request help from many police departments, Diet Members, and the mass media. 


Soon after taking action to the Diet, I found out that I had stepped into the Extraterritorial Power, which is the biggest
taboo of Japan


※ Intervention of the Political, Economical Organized Crime of Soukagakkai, Komeito is The Biggest Taboo for Japanese
Public Servants in general, and, Diet members, Courts, Prosecutors, Mass media in particular.
 Many decades of this vicious  
have caused  the Japanese Power  to become totally corrupted.   


Ever since I started to open the case to the public I have never been free of threats to my life from violent power.  It is
almost a miracle that I am still alive.  Under isolated conditions, I cannot continue my battle with violent power, any longer, as
I am now reaching my financial and psychological limits.  Yet, my willpower and a sense of mission become stronger by the day,
in order to let the Japanese people and leaders of the world and international society and mass media
know about  the Crisis
of the Corrupted Japanese Power


I still believe that Japan as a nation  and its people can contribute to making a better world, with cooperation of the peace
loving leaders of the world, mass media, civilians, civic groups, domestically and internationally

I say this believing that Japan has the world’s most peaceful, democratic constitution.  Yet, unfortunately, the
Japanese constitution
has never been functional in Japan, as the result of its public servants’ abuse of power, which
was given by the people.


 The Japanese people lack of an awareness of the controlled power structure in Japan since being defeated in World
War II. In particular, that the
Japanese people have been neglecting the corruption of Power after the establishment
of Jimin (Liberal Democratic Party)- Komei (Clean Government Party) unconstitutional Coalition Government,
has been a major problem of Japan. As soon as Komeito (Clean Government Party) formed a coalition with Jiminto
(the Liberal Democratic Party) the corruption of power spread rapidly throughout the nation


 The corruption of Japanese power is making it most difficult for Japan to achieve the status of an independent, democratic,
constitutional nation


During a formal visit to the USA in April, 2015, Prime Minister Abe was the first Japanese Prime Minister permitted to give a
speech to both houses of the US Congress. In that speech he pledged to pass Right of Collective Self-Defense Law through
the Lower and Upper houses of the Diet, without due legal process.


That incident alone is a perfect example that Japan is not yet an independent, democratic, constitutional nation. 


Most Japanese politicians emphasize, that their most important duty is to secure the property and lives of Japanese people. 
But, most of the Japanese Diet members are interested only in securing their own position and power.  Based on my over 20
years experience dealing with many Diet members, judges, and prosecutors, I have concluded decisively that most  Japanese public
servants in high position are hypocrites  and  cowards.


The political ill affects of Soukagakkai and Koumeito have eliminated most politicians, judges, prosecutors, mass media that value
justice, and democracy. As a result, Japanese parliamentary constitutional democracy has been destroyed.


※ It is an obligation of Japanese citizens to condemn the breach of trust and abuse of power of the Diet members, judges
public prosecutors.

I believe the “Power of Japanese People” can defeat the “corrupted power”. That is the only way, that Japan can ever become
an independent, democratic, constitutional country.


The fundamental purpose of My Request For Cooperation is the “Establishment of Healthy Power Structure in Japan”.


I want world leaders, and international society to become aware of the fact that Japan is still totally controlled by the supreme
power of the US-Japan alliance and worldwide military league, and, to help to free the country and people.



3Concrete Issues of Request


(i) Political, Economical Organized Criminal Activities in Japan


As I already explained , the organized criminal activities in Japan remained hidden because the criminals cooperated with the
courts and prosecutor’s office to cover their tracks and commit a perfect crime.


  As is well known from the information widespread on the internet, the Soukagakkai and Komeito loaded the courts and
prosecutor’s office and the Diet with people they had trained and put in place. Nowadays, many Japanese are worried and
filled with a sense of crisis regarding the “unhealthy” Diet, courts, prosecutors and power.
An excellent example is the
case of Ozawa Ichiro, who was supposed to become Prime Minister following the change from Aso’s Jiminto-Komeito coalition
government to a Democratic Party government. Ozawa’ political position was destroyed by a false court case.


Disclosing those actions of vicious organized crime to Japanese people, and international society is my duty as a Japanese citizen,
because since the 1960’s our company and my family have been victimized by the circumstances described in this document.


 An immense amount of assets, and people's lives have been taken by those organized criminals. Yet, the fact is still hidden.


The organized crime through which my family and our three companies were targeted, since the 1960’s, from my parent’s generation,
and which eventually involved me, during its last stages alone caused us a huge loss and the incurrence of severe indebtedness.  


Our case is not just an isolated example, since many smaller crimes add up to be a massive amount that involves finally huge
Japanese companies, like major banks and the Toshiba Corporation. The latter which also targeted us.


Using the courts and the Public Prosecutors offices as tools, the organized crime traitors committed an almost perfect crime.


(ii) Lack of Police Intervention


Although such a large and important case, no police have become involved in seeking a solution to this crime. I took the case
to many different offices of the National Police Agency of Japan, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Osaka District Police
Headquarters, and the Hyogo Prefectural Police headquarters. Finally, the person in charge of criminal cases at the Hyogo
Prefectural Police headquarters admitted to me that they unable to touch Soukagakkai and Komeito.  In addition, he observed
that even if he accepted the case, the Public Prosecutor’s Office would not permit it to go forward. That would damage the
police’s credibility and, moreover, would not solve anything.


After being rejected by all the police I went to the Osaka Special Investigation Department of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
I learned that the prosecutor’s office was totally in collaboration with Soukagakkai- Komeito, and that all their orders were
being given by the national cabinet.

I learned from the Special Investigation Department of the Osaka District Public Prosecutor’s Office that they accepted the
case and wrote down all manner of information, which they then leaked to Soukagakkai-Komeito.


Also, a large amount of material evidence was stolen, which was also leaked. The most important part of the material evidence stolen
from my home was that relating to the many decades of criminal activities of Soukagakkai, led by our former lawyer, Fuyushiba Tetsuzo,
who was Secretary-General of Komeito
. Following this our lives were often threatened.


(iii) Victim targeted by Civil LawsuitsCivil Violence     


At first it needs to be understood that, by an unwritten rule, the Japanese police are forbidden to become involved in civil law
cases. That unwritten rule, instigated under Komeito guidance , is being abused by organized crime to commit near perfect  crimes.


I was the target of civil lawsuits by Toshiba Corporation and Itoyama Etaro, the latter one of the most important Jiminto
position-holders for many years.  They were the ones who actually committed the crime of fraud. While I was fighting with
the Special Investigation Department of the Osaka District Public Prosecutor’s Office this civil law suit was in the final
appeal stage at the Supreme Court, in Tokyo. I could tell that the Supreme Court and the Special Investigation Department
of the Osaka District Public Prosecutor’s Office were in collaboration against me. I went twice to the Supreme Court in
Tokyo, but on both occasions I was refused admittance to the building.


In 1996 we removed the criminal activity group from our company, at which time all the criminals and their collaborators
started to sue me and weakened our company.  The court took their side completely against me and my company, and
cooperated in the destruction of evidence.
So, although the victim, for 9 years I was being sued by many companies who
had collaborated with the Soukagakkai organized crime group, and thus I was forced to act as the defendant.


After I could prove the Supreme Court and the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office all the way down to the branches,
were acting in a tightly organized manner, I started to take the action to the Diet, at the time of the Koizumi and Komeito
regime, and began to send many petitions to prominent Diet members, starting with the Prime Minister. For over 10 years
I have been doing this.


※ I also took action to the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office to sue Fuyushiba Tetsuzo, Komeito’s Secretary-General,
Itoyama Etaro and Ikeda Taisaku, Honorary President of Soukagakkai. My entire case was refused by the Supreme Public
Prosecutor’s Office.


(iv)  My Documents and Petitions


I sent the accusation documents to the Prime Minister, the Internal Affairs Minister, and also National Public Safety
Commissioner of every cabinet. Finally, since 2013
my petitions have been sent to the civilian groups victimized by
the police, courts, prosecutors office, and organized criminals, and to all Diet members from the Prime Minster
downwards, including former Diet members. More than 1,000 Diet members and former members alone are receiving my
petitions and related documents via email.  In addition, The Imperial Household Agency, local governments, 80+
Japanese and foreign mass media
, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office, and, beginning with
the USA, many  foreign embassies,
as well as organizations aiming for peace, receive the documents. (I asked the
members of the victimized groups to distribute my documents, [see  
http://masaru-kunimoto.com] )


Since the start of the Abe administration all my documents, including those sent to the Diet, the Tenno, and former
President Obama and the US Congress
are available to the general public all over the world on the Internet
http://masaru-kunimoto.com). Even so no Japanese Diet member has accepted my petition. Meantime, while the Diet
members are not performing their duties, many Japanese lives and assets have been lost. This is the reason that I am
taking this case to the UN System and the International Criminal Court.


(v)  Decoration of Major Contributors


The last Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Takesaki, quit before his term ended. When I was accusing the Supreme
Court regarding organized crime he was its Secretary-General. I am sure he was handling my case under the orders of Komeito.


 I can say so decisively because when I met Fuyushiba he himself told me, in an attempt to pressure me, that he was i
n close communication with the Supreme Court and the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office, and, in particular, with their
When I was appealing to the Supreme Court, Machida was its Chief Justice. Later, he was decorated for his
contributions to the nation.


Often persons who make major contributions to Soukagakkai-Komeito or who hold positions of power are decorated.


※ On November 3, 2015, Richard Armitage and Donald Rumsfeld were decorated in the name of the Tenno, at the Abe cabinet’s
request and probably at the insistence of the USA.
That alone demonstrates the strength of the US control of Japanese power.


 (vi)  Purposes of petitioning the Tenno


I sent three petitions to the Tenno via Prime Minister Abe, because according to the law, petitions to the Tenno must be handled
by the Prime Minister’s cabinet. But Mr. Abe failed to send the petitions to the Tenno. So the victimized citizen’s group
http://masaru-kunimoto.com) handled it by sending them directly to three departments of the Imperial Household Agency.


The  main reasons why I must petition the Tenno are as follows.


The underlying cause of the unconstitutional acts of Japanese politicians and judges is the Japan-US treaty.


Although, most Japanese are against the Right of Collective Defense Law, and most constitutional experts have stated that the
law is unconstitutional, the Abe Cabinet and the Jiminto-Komeito coalition forced the Japanese people to accept it.


This is because the Japan-US treaty overrides the Japanese constitution, and creates the Japanese unhealthy political power.


The first reason


As already mentioned, The Tenno, as the person having the most important duty to uphold the Constitution (Article 99, of the
constitution) has the right to order the Abe Cabinet and the Liberal Democratic-Komeito coalition to obey the Constitution.


On behalf of the Japanese people, I hereby request that The Tenno be allowed to perform his duty.


The Tenno is prohibited constitutionally from becoming involved in any political act. However the Tenno
has the highest duty to uphold the Constitution.


Exploiting that situation, Prime Minster Abe Shinzo, and. most Jiminto –Komeito Diet members are using the Tenno’s
authority to acquire power. Since Komeito made a coalition with Jiminto, those who contribute to US sovereignty are
rewarded with a good position and honors (see above). Those who try sincerely to contribute to the nation and the
people are either trapped by some form of conspiracy, or threatened, or killed. In Japan, politicians die under suspicious
circumstances, but in the general society countless people have been killed by organized crime. The same is happening not
only in the Diet, but in every public service organization.


Since World War II, the Tenno became a symbol of the Japanese people, therefore the politicians’ use of him, requires
that the Japanese people must take responsibility themselves.


The second reason:


Use of the term “Emperor of Japan” is an incorrect translation of the

Japanese title “Tenno”, since in Article 1 of the Japanese Constitution it is

stated clearly that the Tenno is the symbol of the nation and people.

In contrast, “Emperor” connotes imperialism and the expansion of power.


Among the Tenno’s most important duties is to pray, with intense physical effort, for peace for both the Japanese nation and the world.
Mistranslation of the term conveys an incorrect impression worldwide, because the Tenno system has nothing in common with the “royal


(vii) Taking my Case to the UN System and World Criminal Court


Because the present Japanese government has maintained its unconstitutional stance, I will now take this case to the UN System and
to the World Criminal Court. These organizations are appropriate because Japan, as part of the Western-led security alliance, is
threatening the lives and assets of the Japanese.


On July 1, 2015  I sent a document accusing the government of using an unconstitutional law-making process i.e., without first obtaining
cabinet approval, to secure passage of the Right of Collective Self Defense Law
. In my document I said that I would be suing Prime
Minister Abe, Deputy Prime Minister Aso, and Komura, the Vice-President of Jiminto, Yamaguchi, Chairman of Komeito, and Kitaguchi,
Vice-Chairman of Komeito, and Minister Ota, the former Chairman of Komeito. The last three Diet members had long-served as “appren
tices” to Fuyushiba Tetsuzo.

I knew already that the Japanese Prosecutor’s Office and courts would not accept such a law suit.  So when I gave notice, my intent
was to convey that I would be taking my case to the UN System and the World Criminal Court.


The Japanese Power has been always controlled by the US, and has formed unhealthy relations, not only between Japan and USA,
but also with other nations. The loss to Japan as a nation, and people are incalculable. The case of Okinawa, with its deprivation of
the people’s human rights, and construction of a new military base that is destroying the environment, illustrates this very clearly.


The Japan-U.S. Security Treaty, the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces and, The Japan-U.S. alliance are all forced by extraterritorial
power, which controls all the Japanese Power.


Today, even after 70 years, as a defeated nation, Japan and its people are virtually under U.S. sovereignty.  The Japanese
Diet, courts, prosecutors office, and administrative agencies are still under the extraterritorial power of the USA.


Finally many Japanese citizens and groups and legal experts started taking action against Abe’s unconstitutional law-making.
But, I am afraid even those peoples’ efforts will be in vain, since Japan is still under the extraterritorial power.  The fact that
Japanese powers are controlled by the extraterritorial power has not only caused enormous economic loss, but also, a great 
many  peoples lives have been taken illegally.


Without being free of the domination of US power, Japan will never be able to become a truly independent, democratic,
constitutional nation
. It is obvious, the “International Military-Industrial Complex” has led to an enormous destruction of
world peace


It is time that the whole of international society took action to solve the problem of the unhealthy power structured by
the military alliance.


By an unconstitutional Abe Cabinet (in a coalition with an unconstitutional party, Koumeito), Japan is now totally incorporated
into the world alliance, which is contrary to the Japanese constitution.


That is the reason of my petitioning the UN System, and the International Criminal Court. It is time, that the whole international
society got together to solve the problem of the world’s  unhealthy power of military alliance.


(viii)  My repeated petitions and warnings


Dissolution of the Komeito party is essential for Japan


The reason for seeking the dissolution of the Komeito Party is not only because it is contrary to Article 20 of the Japanese
Constitution, which specifies the separation of the state and religion, but also because it lies at the heart of organized criminal
activities,  perverting the main powers in Japan and making use of the violent  criminal syndicates.


I mentioned this already in my first petition to former President Obama, during the Noda regime, and noted that the group
Soukagakkai-Komeito is an agent of the USA, controlling Japanese politics, its economy and the military
. Four petitions I
sent to former President Obama under Abe Cabinet are available by searching the Internet under my name, Reiko Kameo,
articles at
http://masaru-kunimoto.com will appear. It is vital to understand that therefore most laws introduced by Komeito
are unconstitutional and, thus, void. Since I found out 20 years ago about Fuyushiba’s intimate involvement in criminal activities,
I began to warn the main politicians in Japan about it, and also indicated the need to dissolve Komeito.


Petition to US former President Barrack Obama, and the US Congress


I started to send petitions to the former US President and the US Congress years ago, and continued petitioning the US
Government under Abe’s Cabinet.

I sent several petitions, under Abe’s unconstitutional Cabinet to all the Cabinet Members.  Beginning four years ago, I started
sending petitions to all members and chairpersons of the Japanese Diet, Prime Minister Abe, and three times to the Tenno, and
to Barrack Obama, and the US Congress.  My petitions are all open to the pubic on the Internet  (please see Reiko Kameo for
those on


※ It is important to understand that it is the duty of the Prime Minister to hand petitions to the Tenno, but that Mr. Abe has
never handed my petitions to him. This demonstrates the Prime Minister’s abuse of power. That alone is sufficient reason for
accusing him of criminally.


Further, it must be understood that my petitions to the Tenno are being done of behalf of all the Japanese people who have
been victimized by corrupted power.


The right of any Japanese citizen to petition the cabinet and the Tenno is guaranteed by the Constitution. However, since none
have accepted my petitions to all cabinet members, I am now requesting the cooperation of all Japanese citizens and the world


Beginning during the cabinet of Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko I sent a petition twice to former President Obama, former
Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton, to the then US Ambassador to Japan, Roos, and to the US Congress.

In these petitions I requested their cooperation to remove US military bases once-and-for-all, and to remove the overbearing
US influence over Japan.

I included information on the Rockwell International criminal action against my company, and requested US Government assistance
in taking action against it.


Since then, I have sent four petitions to former President Obama, former Foreign Secretary Kerry, and US Ambassador to
Japan, Caroline Kennedy, repeating the same requests, and including the same information on the Rockwell International
criminal action against my company.


Until I receive an adequate response from former President Obama and Ambassador Kennedy, I intend to continue to send
petitions to them. I will also petition US President Donald Trump.


All petitions are publically available on the Internet (please see under my name, Reiko Kameo at http://masaru-kunimoto.com.)


5.Annotated References (List of articles of the Japanese constitution habitually violated by
the Diet, courts, and the Public Prosecutor’s offices) 


Based on the Constitution Preamble, unification of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan with US and other nations
military alliance is a violation of the Japanese constitution. Automatically,
Right of Collective Self-Defense Law,
is a violation of the Japanese Constitution, and, it is invalid.  This is another reason why Abe Jimin-Koumei Coalition Government’s
legislated unconstitutional  laws are all invalid.

Because of article 20 Koumeito is an unconstitutional organization, disguised as a party. Soukagakkai, as a
religious organization, is receiving enormous  political and financial benefit. And, Soukagakkai is an
advocacy group of Komeito. Soukagakkai and Komeito comprise an inseparable organization.

Logical grounds for invalidation of Abe Cabinetis, Komeito itself obviously an unconstitutional Party.

All Japanese citizens have to be aware that they are being swindled by an invalid Government.                                                         

There follows  a “List of the Articles” violated by the diet members, judges, prosecutors especially
those related with the organized crime of Soukagakkai, Sasagawa-group and Koumeito.


[Article  1]  The Emperor shall be the symbol of the State and of the unity of the people, deriving his
position from the will of the people with whom

resides sovereign power.


[Article 6]  The Emperor shall appoint the Prime Minister as designated by the Diet, (2) appoint the Chief
Judge of the Supreme Court as designated

by the Cabinet.


[Article 13]  All of the people shall be respected as individuals. Their right to life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness shall, to the extent that it does not interfere with the public welfare, be the supreme
consideration in legislation and in other governmental affairs.


[Article  15] The people have the inalienable right to choose their public officials and to dismiss them.

(2)  All public officials are servants of the whole community and not of any group thereof.

(4)  In all elections, secrecy of the ballot shall not be violated.


[Article 16]  Every person shall have the right of peaceful petition for the redress of damage, for the removal
of public officials
, for the enactment, repeal or amendment of laws, ordinances or regulations and for other
matters, nor shall any person be in any way discriminated against

for sponsoring such a petition.


[Article 17]  Every person may sue for redress as provided by law from the State or a public entity, in case
he has suffered damage through illegal act of any public official.


[Article 18]  No person shall be held in bondage of any kind.


[Article 20] Freedom of religion is guaranteed to all. No religious organization shall receive any privileges
from the State, nor exercise any political authority.

(This is the essential reason for the dissolution of Koumeito )


 [Article 21]  Freedom of assembly and association as well as speech, press and all other forms of expression
are guaranteed.

(2) No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication violated.


[Article 29]  The right to own or to hold property is inviolable.


[Article 32] No person shall be denied the right of access to the courts.


[Article 35]  The right of all persons to be secure in their homes, papers and effects against entries,
searches and seizures shall not be impaired

except upon warrant issued for adequate cause and particularly describing the place to be searched and
things to be seized, or except as provided by Article 33.


[Article 53]  The Cabinet may determine to convoke extraordinary sessions of the Diet. When a quarter or
more of the total members of either House makes the demand, the Cabinet must determine on such convocation.


[Article 62] Each House may conduct investigations in relation to government, and may demand the presence
and testimony of witnesses, and the production of records.


[Article 64] The Diet shall set up an impeachment court from among the members of both Houses for the purpose
of trying those judges against whom removal proceedings have been instituted.


 [Article 76] The whole judicial power is vested in a Supreme Court and in such inferior courts as are
established by law.

(3)  all judges  shall be independent in the exercise of their conscience and shall be bound only by
this Constitution and the laws.


[Article  77]  The Supreme Court is vested with the rule-making power under which it determines the
rule of procedure and of practice, and of matters relating to attorney the internal discipline if
the courts and the administration of judicial affairs.

(2) Public prosecutors shall be subject to the rule-making power of the Supreme Court.

(3) The Supreme Court may delegate the power to make rules for inferior courts to such courts.


[Article 78] Judges shall not be removed except by public impeachment unless judicially declared
mentally or physically incompetent to perform

official duties. No disciplinary action against judges shall be administered by any executive
organ or agency.


[Article 81] The Supreme Court is the court of last resort with power to determine the constitutionality
of any law, order, regulation or official


[Article 82] Trials shall be conducted and judgment declared publicly.

(2) Where a court unanimously determines publicity to be dangerous to public order or morals, a trial
may be conducted privately, but trials of political offenses, involving the guaranteed in Chapter 3 of
this constitution are in question shall always be conducted publicly.


[Article 95] A special law, applicable only to one local public entity, cannot be enacted by the Diet.
without the consent of the majority of the voters of local public entity concerned, obtained in accordance
with law.


[Article 96] Amendments to this Constitution shall be initiated by the Diet, through a concurring vote
of two-thirds or more of all the members of each House and  shall thereupon be submitted to the people
for ratification, which shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of all voters cast thereon,
at a special referendum or at such  election  as the Diet shall specify.

(2) Amendments when so ratified shall immediately be promulgated by the Emperor in the name of the
people as an integral part of this Constitution.


[Article 97] The fundamental human rights by this Constitution guaranteed to the people of Japan
are fruits of the age-old struggle of man to be free they have survived the many exacting tests
for durability and are conferred upon this and future generations in trust, to be held for all
time inviolate  


 [Article 98] This Constitution shall be the supreme law of the nation and no law, ordinance,
imperial rescript or other act of government, or part thereof, contrary to the provisions hereof,
shall have legal force or validity.


[Article 99] The Emperor or the Regent as well as Ministers of State, members if the Diet, judges,
and all other public officials have the obligation to respect and uphold this Constitution.

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